Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps are a heart of Hydraulic system because hydraulic pumps are a components and accessories that change machanical force to hydraulic oil force. Hydraulic pumps have 3 type

  1. Gear pump
  2. Vane pump
  3. Piston pump

Gear pump

Gear pump are a popular pump in this time. The strength of this pump are a small and light weight, not complicated structure, easy to maintain. This pump can made a max pressure at 210 - 250 bar, max displacement at 1 - 200 c.c./rev and and Gear pump have a 2 type.

  • Internal Gear Pump
  • This pump have a gear and rotor in there. internal gear pump have a max pressure at 140 - 300 bar, max displacement at 20 - 64 c.c./rev RPM 200 - 2,500 rpm and this pump can decrease electric power at 35%. Process of internal gear pump
Process of internal gear pump
  • External gear pump
  • This pump have a 2 gear in there. External gear pump have a max pressure at 2,000 - 4,200 MPa, max displacement at 0.6 - 90 c.c./rev.
Process of external gear pump

Internal gear pumps

IGC, IGM, IGH Series

Multiple stage internal gear pumps


Vane pumps

Vane pumps have a special feature its have a high displacement and appropriate to use with high displacement work but low pressure and medium pressure.

ส่วนประกอบของปั๊มแบบใบพัด (Vane Pump)

Vane pump have a 2 type.

  • Fix displacement vane pump. This pump use a vane push hydraulic oil to made a displacement. This pump can adjust a pressure and displacement.
  • The pressure can adjust at Relief valve on the pump. This pump can made a max pressure at 70 bar (low pressure series) and 140 bar (medium pressure series).

Piston pumps

Piston pumps are a one of popular pump because its have a high durable, have many displacement to choose and it can made a max pressure at 160 bar (medium pressure series) and 350 bar (High pressure series) and this pump has save energy and save the power of motor 50% more than the other pump. This pump are appropriate with high pressure and high displacement.

Piston Pump