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Design, Manufacture and sell Power Units, Hydraulic Cylinders, Subplates and all of Hydraulic accessories.

We are distributors of famous brand and we have a large stock of Hydraulic components and accessories.

Our company accept capable to design, produce, sell and service Power Unit, Hydraulic Cylinder, Subplate. We can made to order depend on customers satisfaction. Our company have a large factory for making all of products. We have engineers to test of all products In accordance with international standards. In addition, our company are distributor of hydraulic famous brand products with have experience more than 20 years. So Pneu&Hyd Co.Ltd. best product to stock and sell to customers in every industries. Moreover, company have a service to check and analysis problem in hydraulic system. Our engineers have expertise and experience to fix your problem rapidly with the best performance.

Our company have a factory to manufacture Pneumatic cylinders and Hydraulic cylinders. Furthermore, power unit or assembly machines and project work. We have the factory of 1,800 square meters. So you can trust us that you will have satisfaction and the best performance.



Hydraulic components and accessories

Hydraulic are a system that change power of fluids or liquids flow to mechanical power by mechanisms or mechanical process.

As a center of hydraulic components and accessories in thailand Such as Hydraulic pumps, Hydraulic valves, Pressure control valves, Flow control valves, Modular valves, Proportional valves, Servo valves, Hydraulic Assessories. We also have engineers to consult about hydraulic system for more information please contact 02-743-8999


Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps are a components and accessories for send hydraulic oil by use the machanical of motor or engine into the oil pressure driving components and accessories in hydraulic system. Hydraulic pumps have a 3 types such as a Gear pumps, Vane pumps, Piston pumps.


Flow Control Valves

Flow control valves use to control speed of piston by adjust the hole of valves. For control the flow of hydraulic oil to the appropriate pressure in that system.


Pressure Control Valves

Pressure control valves are control the max pressure of system hydraulic pump. and adjust pressure in any circuit that have a many circuit in system. Pressure control valves have 2 type 1. Relief valves 2. Direct operation relief valves.


Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic valves are a components and accessories for control the direction of hydraulic oil to control Actuator moving direction for example Cylinder or Hydraulic motor to stop or move to the direction that you need. Direction control valves have a two types Such as Solenoid control valves and Manual operation valves.


Modular valves

Hydraulic modular valves are overlapping and use in a small area easy to install, easy to take off and change rapidly. Modular valve can made 25 MPa in max pressure. This valves are very good to help a leakage in liquid.


Proportional Valves

Proportional valves are a valves that control by electric the type of work like a solenoid valves. The work process of Propotional valves are, When give a high power valves are wide open and when give a low power valves are narrow open. This valves are appropriate for machine that need the most delicate work.



Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders are a components and accessories that use to change pressure and speed of hydraulic oil to machanical force. The machanical force use in the many type to push, pull, and move something that you need. Hydraulic cylinder have a three types, Standard hydraulic cylinder, Welded Cylinder and Hydraulic compact cylinder.


Hydraulic System

The small power unit or Power Packs are a power unit that appropriate in a small area and move the work space many times. Power packs can assembly easily for change any parts that you want. And you can choose the parts that appropriate your work.


Servo Valves

Servo valves are use with high speed motor and high stable in work. By control a spool and send electric signal back for check the position of spool. Its make this valve have a high accurate.

Hydraulic system

What the type of work that hydraulic system match for?

  • Match for the work that have more than 2000 kg.
  • Match for heavy duty and high temperature.
  • Match for the work that have a high accurate in rod hard chrome position control.
  • Match for use in vehicles like a Boat, Truck, Plane because its can use engine to move the hydraulic pump.

Power Unit Power unit are a heart of motivation in hydraulic system for example pressure in hydraulic cylinder, speed of hydraulic cylinder or control another components and accessories. Power unit contain a many parts, its depend a design and type of work. Standard power unit in industry appropriate in simple curcuit and its have a pressure 70 - 200 bar. its contain a important part for example hydraulic pump, Pressure control valves, Direction control valves, Flow control valves. Standard power unit have a size of oil tank at 50 - 60 litrer depend a design appropriate that work.


Power packs Power packs are appropriate for a small area and change working area many times. Power packs can assembly easily for change any parts that you want. And you can choose the parts that appropriate your work for example type of motor, size of oil tank, Control valves, Flow control valves.

Duty and some working of components and accessories in standard power unit

  1. Hydraulic pump its use to suck and send hydraulic oil to system. The pump have many differance pressure its depend a type of circuit and designer.
  2. Suction filter use to filter hydraulic oil before it come to pump. The unit of suction are Mesh.
  3. Relief valves use to control and relief pressure in system.
  4. Flow control valves use to control speed of rod hard chrome or hydraulic motor. Flow control valves have 2 type 1 way, 2 way.
  5. Pilot check valves use to block the pressure of oil and keep it at rod hard chrome for fix the rod hard chrome when you need to pull up load at related position.


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